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Custom Tennis Uniforms

Custom Tennis Uniform

Tennis Tops ( TT6 )

Custom Tennis Uniform

Custom Tennis Tops ( TT5 )

Custom Tennis Uniform

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Custom Tennis Uniform

Tennis Skirts ( TS5 )

Custom Tennis Uniform

Custom Tennis Uniforms

Our custom tennis uniforms are expertly crafted using the latest technology to ensure comfort, performance, and style on the court. At Signature Wear, we understand that tennis players demand the highest level of performance from their uniforms. That’s why we use advanced manufacturing technology and high-quality materials to create custom tennis clothes that meet the needs of players of all levels. One of the most innovative features of our custom tennis apparel is moisture-wicking technology. Our uniforms have breathable, moisture-wicking fabrics that keep players cool and dry on the court. This technology is beneficial for players who compete in hot, humid conditions, ensuring they can perform at their best without being weighed down by sweat-soaked clothes.

We also use advanced printing technology to create vibrant, long-lasting designs, and perfectly tailored to each player’s needs. Our customization options include team logos, player names and numbers, and a variety of colors and designs, allowing each player to create a unique and personalized uniform that reflects their style. Our tennis team custom uniforms are also designed with functionality in mind. We offer a range of styles, including sleeveless and short-sleeved shirts, skirts, shorts, and pants, to fit the needs of players of all genders and body types.

Our custom tennis uniforms feature high-performance stretch fabrics that allow for a full range of motion, ensuring players can move freely and comfortably on the court. Both vapor mesh and pro dry compression are used to make our uniforms. Both fabrics are comfortable and light, let you move freely, and are the most durable ones on the market. While players look good, they play well, and with our fully customizable tennis uniforms, they are sure to look good.

We stand behind our products 100% and are committed to customer satisfaction. Signature Wear’s custom tennis uniforms are the perfect choice for players who demand performance, style, and comfort on the court. With advanced moisture-wicking technology, high-quality materials, and a range of customization options, our uniforms are designed to meet the needs of players of all levels. Whether you’re a member of a competitive tennis team or an individual player looking to improve your game, Signature Wear’s Custom Tennis Uniforms are the perfect way to show off your style and play your best.


  • Made with high-quality water-resistant and moisture-wicking technology,
  • The fully sublimated top can be changed in any way,
  • Binding around the neck and arm trim for a perfect finish and comfort while playing,
  • The bottom of the side panel’s pleats can be pro-dry compression or vapor mesh.
  • Team shorts with a shorter inseam.

Quick Details

Brand:                   ‎Custom brand

Type:                     Custom Tennis Uniforms

Usage:                  Individual Player

Material:             High-Quality water-resistant and moisture-wicking technology

Theme:                 ‎Sport

Reusability:        ‎Reusable

Head Size:           On Demand

Length:                On Demand

Sport Type:         Tennis

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Shipping and Delivery:

    • Packing Specifications: Polybags and cartons
    • Delivery Information: Orders must be placed at least seven days before delivery, depending on how many products are ordered.

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