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Custom Paintball Jersey

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Custom Paintball Jersey

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Custom Paintball Jersey

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Custom Paintball Jerseys & Uniforms

Signature Wears custom paintball jerseys, playing gear, and clothes, all made to order. The two main custom paintball jerseys we make are the Grit Flex and the Grit Varsity. Our paintball jerseys are 100% custom, dye molded, and can be made to your specifications. Utilizing our “True Color Technology,” we can offer better colorization and saturation to match the finished product to your ideas. With this technology, we can also be sure that our paintball jersey custom will be bright and last long.

Custom paintball jerseys are an essential component of the game and are just as much a part of it as the paintballs and markers used to shoot them. You may make a major difference in how secure you feel and how cool you remain while you play paintball by selecting a paintball jersey that fits you well and is the right size. When all of the players on a team wear the same color jersey, hat, and headwear, it helps bring them closer together and boosts their confidence. People can better distinguish their teammates from members of opposing teams when they are dressed in their team uniforms.

The Signature Wear custom jersey paintball is the best performance gear because it is light and strong. Cordura fabric is used to reinforce the forearm and elbow, and the lack of bulk lets the athlete move freely without sacrificing durability. On the field, you’ll stand out if you wear a Paintball Jersey that looks hot. A good jersey does more than look good; it also serves a purpose. A speedball jersey fits over your protective pads, lets in a lot of air, and is loose so you can bounce better. Signature Wear jerseys are muted so that they blend in with their surroundings. They have cuffs to keep dirt and debris out and slim torsos to be worn comfortably under a tactical vest.


  • Flexible padding zones in the forearms, chest, and shoulders
  • Moisture Wicking Construction
  • Raised, padded collar
  • Regulation padding
  • True Color Tech

Quick Details 

  • Brand: Signature Wears
  • Color: As Per Request
  • Sport: Paintball
  • Sleeve Type: Full Sleeve
  • Fabric: 100% Strong polyester fabric
  • Available Sizes: As per request
  • Packaging Type: Box
  • Size: All Sizes
  • Gender: Girls, Boys, Women Men,
Design Your Jersey With Us!


  • S (Small) 
  • M (Medium)
  • L (Large)
  • XL (Extra Large)
  • 2XL (Double Extra Large)
  • 3XL (Triple Extra Large)
  • 4XL (Quadruple Extra Large)
  • 5XL (Quintuple Extra Large)

Wash & Care:

Drench your custom paintball jerseys in this mixture for about 30 minutes, and then run it through the washing machine again. After washing it, you should let it air dry again, and hopefully, the stain will be gone. It is highly recommended that you soak your jersey in something like OxiClean for at least 45 minutes to an hour in the cold to warm water. Usually, the paint falls off after this amount of time.

Shipping and Delivery:

  • Packing Specifications: Cartons and Polybags
  • Delivery Information: Orders should be placed within a minimum of seven days before delivery, depending on how many products are ordered.

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